African Americans are not a darker version of white Americans.
Howard Buford
CEO, Prime Access
Our Story
It all started in 1990 with a single client and a high-tech answering machine. Today, Prime Access is the nation’s oldest full-service agency providing URBAN MAJORITY™ advertising services – advertising and marketing services that win the brand loyalty of a unique, highly influential audience of African American, Hispanic and gay consumers.

By 2050, today’s multicultural consumers will comprise the majority market. The Hispanic population alone has swelled by 58% over the last decade, and African Americans and Hispanics together already account for 28% of the U.S. population. Similarly, the gay consumer market numbers 15 million and is growing, with gay men and women currently spending $641 billion annually. Perhaps most important, today’s youth audience is a fusion of these consumer groups, with a unique sensibility, worldview and value system that marketers must understand and access to be successful.

These groups together form the majority in America’s urban centers, and they exert enormous influence on consumer spending and popular culture. In the youth market, it is the unique fusion of these groups that gives rise to the trendsetters and opinion leaders who influence the purchasing decisions of all youth. Delivering these consumers for your brand is what Prime Access URBAN MAJORITY™ marketing services are all about.

As increasing numbers of advertisers are discovering, reaching these trend-setting markets is a must. But creating messages involves more than ethnic casting and urban catch phrases. It requires authentic portrayals that reflect a genuine understanding of the target consumers.

At Prime Access, we understand these consumers because that’s who we are. We have a decade and a half of experience putting our knowledge to use on behalf of many of America’s best known brands. We are experts at creating multicultural marketing communications that build on a brand’s general marketing efforts and achieve measurable increases in market share and sales volume.